Any endeavor is difficult, but starting a business is the hardest endeavor. It is not so much about money or time as it is about overcoming the limitations of the world that you have been in. It is about escaping what has enslaved you. It’s also about being able to emancipate oneself from what you’ve known forever. It’s about reframing, relearning, and releasing old concepts, old “lack” thoughts, and in some cases; people. If you want to succeed, dedicate some time to hyper-focusing on the goal you have and how you are going to achieve it.

Are you aware that some fuel or strap-on rockets are exhausted within 60 seconds after launch? After another 4 minutes, it begins to shed pieces that we thought were heading to the final destination. But, they weren’t. Therefore, the lesson to take from this is that just because someone or something accompanied you when you left, does not mean they are also meant to arrive at the final destination.

Emancipating your mind and mindset are key to starting your new journey. It will allow you to fully plan, write, and execute with precision.



A Few Grains of Sand