It’s time to become self-governing over your movements and authority. It’s time to walk in your full power. It’s time to re-frame for independence and success. Last month we hit on releasing old self-defeating thoughts; you know the ones where we always start a conversation with “I don’t have…”. We even carry guilt because we find ourselves dragging unnecessary baggage (people) with us that we know are causing us to procrastinate. It also and ends up stagnating the journey to the goal(s) that we say we wanted to reach.

Let it all go! If you need to travel alone, grab your mental bags and go. It’s time to walk down your predestined path in your full power. Remember, procrastination leads to stagnation and stagnation leads to atrophy, and atrophy; leads to death. Don’t let the intended movements towards your dream stagnate nor die.

This month, while everyone else is referring to a countries independence, focus on gaining your independence, your power, your gift!


A Few Grains of Sand