It’s #B_O_B_Month and it’s time to reflect on where so many of us get our driving force from. If you follow the news in this day and age, you’d be led to believe that we’re just getting into the game. Not so. The earliest game-changer we could find was founded back in 1881 with a horse and buggy no less. Today we have more assets at our disposal and yet, we seem to “do” less. We have a #BlackOwnedBusinessLegacy to be proud of and we have an obligation to continue it and to take it further than our forefathers ever dreamed of. I’m in the game; you comin’?

About our earliest entrepreneur as found on

Founded in 1881, E.E. Ward Moving & Storage is the oldest African-American-owned business in the United States. What started as a stop on the Underground Railroad has flourished into one of the most respected and trusted moving companies in the country.

Starting with just two horses and a wagon, the Columbus, Ohio-based company has grown over the last 100+ years into a thriving multi-million dollar award-winning moving corporation. Throughout the evolution of E.E. Ward, they have never lost sight of the principles of excellent service and giving back to the community on which it was originally founded.

In fact, they pride themselves on their excellent service, and have the credentials to back it up for when potential customers search online for “moving companies near me.” E.E. Ward’s historical past is part of the company culture today that continues to inspire its promising future.

The company is currently owned by husband and wife, Brian and Dominique Brooks, who have a strong commitment to strengthening the legacy of E.E. Ward while fostering growth and innovation in the company. Every year, they are recognized for outstanding customer service and overall quality experience.

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